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– New improved material (proprietary super light design) – Extreme Linear Ratio- Hard Epoxy Coating – Internal Diameter: Ø38.5 mm – Up to 30% weight reduction compared with other “normal” steel springs and the previous Ext Superlight springs – Developed in our automotive racing programs – First dedicated to fine tuning with 25lbs increments – Adaptable for all type of dampers in the market – Long life duration: over 500.000 cycles – 100% crack detection proof – Higher % of vanadium that results in a very high dynamic possible stress AVAILABLE IN 225lb, 250lb, 275lb, 300lb, 325lb, 350lb, 375lb, 400lb, 425lb, 450lb, 475lb, 500lb, 525lb, 550lb, 575lb, 600lb, 650lb, 700lb, 750lb, 800lb COMPATIBILITY Our SPACERS allow the springs to fit any shock on the market plus the ability to switch the spring to another bike from Enduro to DH bike.