Lighting set KLS VEGA USB, sky blue


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KLS VEGA is a small, lightweight, compact, USB rechargeable set of bicycle lights, which will increase your visibility and therefore safety in Urban areas.   •      Optics of the front light is covered from the top – so it won’t blind your eyes. Rear light has it optics opened and exposed – so it can distribute the light very well in all directions •      Both lights are equipped with optical lens, so they can direct the light where it is most needed •      The lights are easy to mount using the flexible silicone ergo-strap, which is 360° adjustable, so they can be easily mounted to almost anything. This strap also has a wider platform which improves the contact with handlebars/seatpost and keep the lights in stable position during rough shocks or long-time vibrations •      The light is protected against unintended turning ON/OFF in your backpack – press the button 2x to turn it ON, press-and-hold for turning OFF •      Warning double-flash will alert you when the battery of front light is running low •      You can re-charge these lights by using Micro USB wire anytime, and don’t have to buy any more batteries. Besides that – you are also protecting nature •      Long lasting battery allows you to charge it up at least 500 without significant capacity drop   DETAILS OF FRONT LIGHT Lighting output: Source of light: 1x LED Functions: 100%, 50%, Flashing Battery lifetime: 4,5hrs (100%), 9hrs (50%), 9hrs (Flashing) Battery indicator: Off (100-25%), Red (24-5%), Flashing Red (