Polygon Collosus N9 Large


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From the aggressive 29” wheels, low stand over height and modern reach numbers, the Colossus N9 stays composed through the gnarliest of terrain. With its short chain stays paired with its modern reach allows you to whip the bike around corners whilst still maintaining front wheel grip and staying composed. Our all new 6-bar linkage – the Independent Floating Suspension, controls the wheel path and anti-squat independently of the leverage curve; meaning, you will have the control of wheel behavior and the rear shock separately. No compromise between small-bump performance and suspension progressiveness. The bikes geometry is based around providing riders the ability to push their limits with ease. Paired with FOX suspension, a Shimano XT 1x12 drivetrain and powerful 4 piston, this bike can be enjoyed on your local trails all the way to pushing for victories on the Enduro World Series circuit. Collosus N9 comes with chain stay and down tube protector to give you more protection.