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COMPONENTS SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8100 DI2 DRIVETRAIN ELECTRONIC - PRECISE - FAST It doesn’t get better than this, quite literally. The new Ultegra R8100 Di2 delivers Dura-Ace performance for less cash - buttery smooth & fast shifting (58% faster in the rear and 45% faster in the front over the old R9100), 12-speed cassette, wider rotor clearance (10% more), and Hyperglide+ (seamless shifting under load). Being almost identical to its older brother, minus the weight, the Ultegra groupset is dubbed the best pick for roadies - offering the same technology as Dura Ace, for almost half the price. SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8100 HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE DUAL CONTROL LEVER RELIABLE - SERVO WAVE TECH - CONTROL Instant response, reliable, clean, precise - what more could you ask for? The ‘Servo Wave’ technology gives you unparalleled brake pad initiation (instant response when you squeeze the lever). That aside, the wireless shifting leaves you with both a clean look and long lasting batteries (1.5 to 2 years of battery life with easy-to-change CR1632 batteries). Performance aside, the design is extremely ergonomic (leading to an ideal grip) - providing you with comfort and control. ULTEGRA R8100 HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE CALIPER WIDER CLEARANCE - QUIETER RIDE - EASY MAINTENANCE Yes, we hear you, we hate when our disc brake rotors rub. Well, with the new Dura Ace hydraulic disc brake calipers, that is less of an issue - thankfully. The new lightweight mono-body construction design provides you with 10% wider pad clearance, eliminating that pesky ‘Whoosh’. But that’s not the best part, if you’re into home maintenance, the new one way bleeding system allows for simple maintenance - streamlining the oil route throughout the system to prevent air bubbles from being captured in the system. ENTITY WR5 DEEP-SECTION WHEELS & 28MM SCHWALBE ADDIX TYRES AERO - LIGHT - STIFF SSimply put, the WR5 wheelset is near perfect for most terrains - whether you’re going down a steep descent or ripping it up your local KOM. The stiff spokes along with the stiff carbon body allows for optimal power transfer; allowing you to travel faster, with less effort. Along with the deep-section Entity 50mm wheelset, the A8X comes with 28mm Schwalbe Addix all-round road bike tyres, providing you with a balance of protection, durability, rolling resistance and grip. Straight out of the box, the Helios A8X comes with innertubes; however, the WR5 wheels are tubeless compatible and can be easily converted once you’re ready. GEOMETRY RACE-READY GEO FROM BREW STOPS TO THE CRIT TRACK When it comes to geometry, we (roadies) care about comfort and performance. The Helios was not only meant to fly up hills and be railed on descents, it was also meant for long days in the saddle. The Helios was designed to hit the sweet spot - providing you with the perfect balance between stability, descending capabilities and power transfer. From the long wheelbase (approx. 1000mm *Size L) for a more stable ride (lower center of gravity) to the slacker head tube angle (72.5 degrees *Size L) for predictable steering, the Helios was meant to be raced. On top of that, the seat tube angle is on the steeper side (73.7 degrees *Size L) - positioning the seat in a more forward position, allowing for an optimal aero tuck. Whether you’re looking to put the power down in a sprint or beat your mate to the cafe, the Helios is the bike of choice. 31% REDUCTION IN DRAG INDUSTRY LEADING Polygon has completely re-designed the Helios lineup - using cutting-edge technology to boast an industry-leading 31% reduction in drag over the previous generation. In addition to the improved drag reduction, the design of the Helios was predicated on authentic riding feedback - gaining performance insights from both professional riders and amateurs. This resulted in the integration of suitable reinforcements along with a larger tyre clearance - enabling you to effortlessly control, corner, and conquer even the most daunting of terrain. RACE-WINNING DNA - MAXIMUM POWER TRANSFER OPTIMAL POWER TRANSFER From the flats of Turkey to the high mountains, the Helios has proven its dominance - helping the Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team rider, Jambaljamts, win the general classification, Sprint classification, and KOM classification during the Tour of Sakarya. When developing the Helios, Polygon focused on maximum power transfer - reinforcing the bottom bracket and right chainstay to instantaneously transmit pedaling power to the wheels. A8X PRODUCT FEATURES LOOKS FAST - FRAME DETAILS BLINK AND YOU’LL MISS IT When it comes to frame finish, this IS the bike - subtly changing colours as the sunlight filters through the leafy canopy, hitting the frame, whilst you descend those picturesque switchbacks. From the details on the seat stay, textures on the downtube, and deep etched Polygon logos on the forks, you’ll not only feel fast but look even faster. Whether you’re cruising to the cafe with the local bunchie or ripping it in a crit, you’ll definitely be turning heads. THE PERFECT COCKPIT AERODYNAMIC - ERGONOMIC - REINFORCED Metron 5D integrated handlebar is the stiffest and most aero-integrated handlebar and stem system. Mixing aerodynamics and ergonomics, the unique shape includes Vision’s Aero-Ergo central section. With a slight rise from the stem clamp and a 10-degree forward bend, the 5D accommodates the natural position of your arms for more comfort and easier breathing, while the wing-like shape of the bar-top aids with aerodynamic performance. Furthermore, reinforced carbon fiber construction provides a great strength-to-weight ratio. Performance aside, the 5D features internal cable routing for that super sleek look. EASY GPS MOUNT PRACTICAL - EASY INSTALLATION - AERO We know it’s hard to find a good GPS mount - one that’s both easy to install and isn’t an eye-sore. With that being the primary mission, we chose the Vision Metron 5D GPS mount. Whether you’re just cruising to the cafe, exploring new routes, or want to geek out on power data, the Helios A8X has you covered. DEEP-SECTION CARBON WHEELS AERO - LIGHT - STIFF Perfect for flat courses (reducing efforts at higher speeds) and time trials, the Entity WR5 (50mm) carbon deep-section wheels prioritise aerodynamic efficiency and are ideal for impact absorption. Oh and who can forget, they look bloody good (especially alongside the jet black colour of the A8X). LIGHT UCI APPROVED FRAMESET LIGHT - APPROVED - RACE-READY Tried and tested by one of the best UCI continental professional cycling teams, Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team, the Helios needs to live up to a certain standard - as you’d expect. Well, now you can be confident that if you’re a serious racer (or aspiring pro), that your bike will meet the UCI (governing body for professional cycling) technical standards; thus, you’ll be able to mix it with the big dogs - not stressing about buying a new bike that meets the organisations’ standards. Approved frameset aside, the ACX frame weighs approximately 800g and if we look at the A8X as a whole, the total weight is 8kg. WIDER TYRE CLEARANCE OPTIMAL ROAD ABSORPTION - VERSATILE Coming with the new industry standard 28mm tyres, the wider tyres (relative to 23 & 25mm) are optimal for a variety of both weather and road conditions. Moving away from 25mm tyres, the larger tyres offer better grip (which are GREAT when it comes to rainy conditions) and provide ideal comfort without compromising on rolling resistance (relative to larger tyres, such as 32mm)